It’s what you


At Pepperfield Lifestyle Resort Bowral you can maintain your lifestyle as it is today, and do as little or as much as you like.

Our vision is to provide a comfortable community environment to suit everyone. The range of recreational facilities, social events and layout of the resort allows you to socialise with others and, of course, meet your new neighbours.

Similarly, if you prefer your own space to create that enviable vegetable patch, read a novel or just enjoy quiet time with your pets, you can be assured that your privacy is paramount.

Equally important is Pepperfield’s awareness that some resident’s needs may change over time, and there is provision for assisted care incorporated into the resort.

In the style of every five star resort, our resident village manager is there to assist you and free you up to do more of what you like doing most. From important matters to finicky little things, we understand that everyone is different and we will endeavour to do assist you in any way we can. Our management service can organise anything from a floral arrangement, shopping deliveries, pet grooming to recommending a restaurant.